Team Builder Activities To Boost Performance

By | November 22, 2013

In a typical business environment, leaders of teams get assigned. Team builder activities can significantly boost team performance by improving morale and a sense of group ownership for each individual group member.

Team BuilderIn the typical business setting, leaders are not able to pick their team members, as the teams are provided to them, or based on existing skill set within the organization. Teams after teams skip the important step of team builder activities, as it is an easy step to overlook on a project schedule due to cost and time constraints.

Take the time to add team builder activities at the start of the project. Even if the team members know each other, it is worth the time to take a 1/2 day to have the team get to know each other. You can even do this throughout the team’s existence, no need to just do it at the beginning!

As a new leader, this gives you the chance to quickly get to know your team members and start building relationships that will be important as you lead the team toward the team’s goals.

Now that we have the base of why team builder activities are important:

Check out The Ultimate IceBreaker Guide by Kat Carey. This book contains a ton of information as well as some special bonuses. Here’s just a couple items:

  • The Ultimate IceBreaker Guide with over 80 ice breakers to transform your group
  • Scroll to the bottom to view the special bonuses: Templates and quick reference cards to find games quick.

You can use this resource over and over with every new team you work with for better team builder activities. You can also continue to use the games in the guide as the teams progress. Your teams will appreciate it!!

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