Maintaining Focus On The Right Tasks

By | November 17, 2013

In today’s fast paced world, there is one skill people need to improve on is focus. Maintaining focus at the task at hand is becoming more important this day and age with all the technology devices ringing, notifications of email and text messages, and vibrating constantly. Devices such as your computer, smartphone, tablet and even watches, glasses and all the other ones I’m not even thinking about right now!

Maintaining Focus

Maintaining Focus

Place a pen in your hand and extend your arm as far out as it will go. Focus on the pen, and you will see the background blur. Then focus on the background, and you will see the pen double and go out of focus. This is the same concept as focusing on a specific task. If you’re preoccupied with multiple tasks and thoughts, it will take longer to complete the tasks and you won’t do as good of a job on each one either!

Tips on maintaining focus

  • Create a prioritized daily todo list. I recommend not using your electronic device!!
  • Block off time on your calendar.
    • Shut off all notifications on your phone and tablet.
    • Shut off all notifications on your computer. You don’t need to have a pop up each time an email is received!
  • Stop any other methods of interruptions. Close your office door, shut off your ringer, disconnect your work phone if you have to.
  • Now that you shouldn’t be distracted, pull out your todo list and start working on the first task. If you get it done within the 2 hours, start on the next task.
  • My son just interrupted me and I the last bullet point I was going to write, is that ironic or what!!!

Get where I’m going with this? Give yourself some time to work uninterrupted, even for only a couple hours per day. Maintaining focus on a specific task will improve your performance at the task level as well as being more productive by getting more tasks done. I have incorporated this into my work life and have seen days where I focus and seen days where I haven’t. You will quickly see the difference, I submit to you to focus on maintaining focus!

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