Learning To Let Go

By | November 18, 2013

As humans, we have an extremely hard time learning to let go of physical items and emotional thoughts. Personally I have many things in my house and garage that could simply be thrown out. My kids have free toys from McDonalds that they will not get rid of, even if they’re missing an arm or foot (and I’m not kidding here). It is truly amazing that us humans grab hold of something and have a very hard time just plain getting rid of things.Learning To Let Go

From an emotional level, this behavior carries over in a similar way. If someone cuts you off and you get angry, has it ever wrecked your day? What about the first few things that happen in the morning go a bit wrong, and you say what a great start to the morning. Have you done that before? I know I have!

I recently heard a speech from Ed Tate and one of his brief topics was on learning to let go. He suggested the following actions for us to learn how to overcome letting things go, both physically and emotionally.

Learning to let go of physical items:

• Find 25 things to just plain throw out (They must be yours, don’t go throwing out things from your significant other!!)
• Find 25 things of value to donate. These are items that could be sold, but don’t sell them, donate them to help someone else in need.
• Find 25 things that you really want to keep.

Putting forth this effort and completing the actions will help you on the path of learning to let go of physical items. This sets the groundwork for the next actions:

Learning to let go of emotional items:

• The next time an emotional situation occurs – take a step back
• Look at the situation from a higher perspective, think like you’re floating above the current situation looking down at yourself
• See what is happening, and react accordingly

Learning to let go will be a difficult skill to master. Start by working the physical path by letting go of items around the house, around work. Then when that is done move to start handling emotional events. By using this method the emotional items will be easier to manage!
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