How To Build Relationships

By | October 30, 2013

How to build relationships is an important characteristic to have in order to build trust and confidence with people you work with, and especially people on your team that you lead. If you are struggling to make a name for yourself with the people you work with or interact with the most, here are some tips you can implement that will give you a boost with your relationships, leadership, and life.

relationship building handshake

There are some techniques you can use to improve your relationships with anyone you know or meet.

  • Listen, listen, listen. Too many people do all the talking when they try to build a relationship. People will connect more with you if you stop talking and listen.
  • Listen with intent. Truly listen when people talk to you. People can tell if you are really listening or not. Stop typing on the computer, stop writing on your paper, stop looking out the window.
  • Look at the person you are listening to. Make eye contact. Give visual and audio clues that you are listening like a head nod or a comment like “really?” or an “oh”
  • Ask people about their personal lives. Even if someone is very shy or does not talk about their personal life much, asking how the family is, or a hobby they are into. It will open up the lines of communication
  • When you do talk, include stories about your personal life. This will create more of a bond than when you just talk about work.
  • Praise someone. Tell them good job. Thank them for the good work they’ve done.


Knowing how to build relationships takes time. Take 10 minutes a day, go talk to someone. Stay 10 minutes late after work to strengthen your relationship with someone that you may not talk to on a regular basis. Over the course of a few weeks, you’ll notice how people talk to you. You’ll notice more people say Hi to you. You’ll notice people in general will have a better relationship with you.

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