How To Fold A Tent

By | November 3, 2013


Today I finally figured out how to fold a tent. Do you think this is no big deal? Have you tried it before? If you’re a first timer putting up and tearing down a tent like I am, you will understand what I went through.


How to fold a tent and get it back in the bag

Here’s the problem – Manufacturers must use air suction technology because I swear once the tent gets unfolded, there is almost no way the refolded tent will go back into the tiny little bag that it came out of. So, I decided to tackle the problem today.

I didn’t take pictures as I was folding but this is what I did. I have a 10×10 tent. In the spring when I fold it again I’ll take pics and add them in.


      1. Lay out the tent 10 x 10
      2. Fold one end right into the middle
      3. Fold the other end right into the middle
      4. Now this is where it gets tricky. You have a 10 x 5 rectangle
      5. Take the 10 side and fold it 1/3 toward the middle.
      6. Take the other 10 side and fold it all the way over the 1/3 section to the edge
      7. Now you have a 10 x approx 1.66 rectangle.
      8. Fold the 1.66 side to the middle
      9. Fod the other 1.66 side to the middle
      10. Now you have a 5 x 1.66 rectangle
      11. Again fold the 1.66 sides into the middle
      12. And finally, fold the 1.66 sides into the middle again
      13. And fold the two 1.66 sides together

Put it in the bag and you are all set!! Don’t forget to add the top canvas as I did. Also, don’t forget the poles as I did. I ended up zipping the tent case 3 times because I kept forgetting stuff!!

I was able to get the tent in and complete in about 15 minutes after I figured out how to fold a tent properly.

If you’re asking me how this relates to leadership? My 7 year old cub scout was very interested to see if I knew how to do it. Yes, I can. He learned how as well.

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