Cub Scout Pack Meeting

By | November 7, 2013

Today we had our cub scout pack meeting and it was so fun I had to write a post about it! Our pack sells quite a bit of boy scout popcorn. If a student sells over $100 the first month they are able to squirt any leader with a high powered squirt gun.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

But, that’s not the best part. If a scout sends over $600 through the time we sell popcorn, they get to blast a whip cream pie into a leader’s face. So, I got a great picture today with a scout getting a leader really good with a whip cream pie.

The kids love this cub scout pack meeting the best of all meetings throughout the year. We had 15 pies spread over about 5 leaders. Luckily, I wasn’t selected to get a pie in the face! Next year when my son sells popcorn I’ll make sure we stop before $600 🙂

I’d love to hear any scouting memories you have!

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