Being a Soccer Coach

By | October 2, 2012

Being a soccer coach is a lot of fun! I’ve been a coach for 5 seasons now. I’ve coached both my boys teams, U5 and U6. So far we’ve only played in the COSA league, Central Ohio Soccer Association.

Here are my two boys (one is zoomed in more than the other)

If you’re interested in giving it a try, I have some tips for you…

  • Get an assistant or two from the parents!  They can help with lineups, snack schedule, at practice and during games. (Big thanks to Tim, Toby and Mark!! Fall 2012 Season)
  • Always start with stretching exercises. I see a lot of new coaches skip this step. Make it fun by talking with the kids, changing up the stretches, who can hold a standing stretch the longest.
  • Have practices last 30-60 minutes based on how the kids are focusing. Some are 30, some 60.
  • Purchase a portable bench. I use a 6 seater. It helps a ton during games to keep the kids seated (well, for the most part)
  • Set up an email group AND a text group. This really makes emailing/texting your team way quicker!
  • Good prompt communication shows parents you’re on the ball so to speak. Keeping parents up to date really helps. I try to email once a week, practice reminders, who’s on snack duty etc.
  • For younger kids, 2 practices a week works well, then 1 a week once games begin. Don’t over burden the kids and families with 3-4 times/week soccer events.
  • Watch some YouTube videos to get ideas on drills, there are a ton of them.

Bottom line about being a soccer coach is to make sure kids learn the basics, get as many touches of the ball as possible, and HAVE FUN!

I know there are more tips, let me know what you’ve got! 🙂

Just being a Dad,