2014 New Year Vacation – Day 1 Watch Out Florida

By | January 3, 2014

This year for our 9 day vacation we decided to skip a full Disney trip and decided to go to the beach in hopes to have a more relaxing vacation than a Disney trip where we were on the go constantly. Watch out Florida here we come!! LOL. So my wonderful wife Shannon and her family whipped up a trip at Clearwater beach in Florida. My family can’t go anywhere

Vacation day 1 started with a mistake I’m not going to be making again. We had to get up at 4am to catch a 6am flight. I won’t be making that mistake again. My first thought was, the first day of vacation and why am I getting up at 4am?????? And waking the kids up at 4am????

Our flight left on time but our connecting flight in Atlanta was delayed for a bit, so we had some extra time to kill. I have to say one thing about the Atlanta airport – we played the gate change game where our gate was at D1, then we headed for breakfast in E, then came back to D1 to be told that our gate had hanged to C1. If you’ve been there before, that’s like one end of a terminal, back to the center, and then back to another terminal. Fun fun with the four of us having to carry our stuff and ride the tram between the terminals.

Once we touched down we went to get our bags at the pickup area. We stood there waiting and waiting…. Finally I looked around and found that our bags were in a different location, they must have came in earlier than our plane did due to the delay?

We then walked over to the Alamo car rental line and there were 40 people in line and I’m not exaggerating one bit. Other rental car companies had no lines, so Shannon checked National. They didn’t have any cars but did give her a tip to use the self rental kiosk machine. I stayed in line while she tried to use the kiosk. Bam she got it done, and we headed over to pick up our car.

With Alamo, you can just select a car in the lot. Well, we got there and there were no cars!! I immediately thought of the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles!! As we walked back to the Alamo building, a worker pulled up with a cleaned car and it was the right class, so we finally got a car. It was a Dodge Avenger in red. Me and the kids think it’s an Iron Man car 🙂

Two important items we forgot were the kids booster seats. Since they’re 8 and 6 they still need them, so we went to Target to buy them. Of course, the first Target only has pink and purple, and Shannon wasn’t going to get them for the kids!! So we hit another Target on the way and they had 2 semi boy ones, so we got them.

We visited Downtown Disney for a bit and then headed to the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey. While we waited we took the Monorail and one of the drivers talked with the kids. During the ride the driver commented over the loudspeaker Brandon and Austin’s name. It was pretty cool for them!



After dinner we headed to our hotel to wrap up day one! I’d love to hear any comments you have on the trip so far 🙂

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