Taekwondo Update

By | August 5, 2018

Wow it’s been a few years since my last update. Slacker!

I do want to post that my two boys Brandon, Austin and myself have achieved 1st degree black belt at Dragon E’s Black Belt Academy. It took the three of us about three years of hard work in order to get to that level. I’m proud of my boys to persevere throughout the process to gain black belt status.

I also have continued on after about a year’s break with teaching others to help as many students as I can also achieve black belt status. As of today I’m a trainee instructor. My next goals are to become a certified instructor, and then continue my journey to 2nd degree black belt.

By far the best part of my journey is the people that I’ve met, the people that have helped train me along the way, as well as all the people, mostly kids, that I get to help train to help them achieve their goals.

If you’re thinking about Taekwondo, or are currently training, get started and continue on the path to black belt and beyond!

Here we are August 16th 2016. Proud Dad!

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