Retrospective Fun with Drawings

By | August 6, 2018

I’ve been facilitating and being a part of agile retrospectives now for over three years as of this post. One thing I found myself doing was drawing different doodles for each retrospective. Let me tell you right now… They’re horrible drawings! The drawings quickly became one of the things for teams to laugh about and have fun with. So, as I continued with my facilitation, I continued to draw.

The big takeaway with my drawings is this: During the start of the retrospective, the team all gets onboard with talking about the drawings, poking fun at them, opening up with a story or something about themselves that relates to the drawings. This is a great way to get the retrospective started, keep the energy up and everyone on the team in good spirits.

For the first year, about 40 retrospectives in, I never once thought about taking pictures of my drawings, because, well, they’re just plain horrible!! Then one of my coaches asked if I was saving them, and I thought that was a great idea!

So, I’m going to post some of my drawings along with some background. I hope these will spark an improvement idea to one, just one other person, to help their retrospectives, team culture, or anything else agile!

This retrospective drawing was on a national beer day. So, we had 3 columns “Needs Improvement”, “Done Well/Continue”, “Kudos”. So for each column I have a drawing! So as I start facilitating the retrospective, I put on music I queue’d up prior that relates to my drawings. I then explain each drawing.

“Needs Improvement” – This was an easy one – flat, warm beer. Bad stuff!!!

“Done Well/Continue” – One of the team members saw me thinking about this column and brought up the beer hats. Perfect!!!

“Kudos” – Another team member brought up keg stands. Yes, he was a younger one on the team 🙂  So I did my best rendition!

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