Lasting Leadership Top Qualities

Today’s post references the book Lasting Leadership by George Manning and Kent Curtis. In the book they outline eight attributes and qualities of contemporary leaders. Out of the eight, which four were the most important for a leader to possess? I pick and explain the lasting leadership top qualities. Lasting Leadership Top Qualities 1. Truth… Read More »

Team Builder Activities To Boost Performance

In a typical business environment, leaders of teams get assigned. Team builder activities can significantly boost team performance by improving morale and a sense of group ownership for each individual group member. In the typical business setting, leaders are not able to pick their team members, as the teams are provided to them, or based… Read More »

Maintaining Focus On The Right Tasks

In today’s fast paced world, there is one skill people need to improve on is focus. Maintaining focus at the task at hand is becoming more important this day and age with all the technology devices ringing, notifications of email and text messages, and vibrating constantly. Devices such as your computer, smartphone, tablet and even… Read More »

Motivation Beats Sheer Talent

As I was watching the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team playing, one of the announcers stated the following: “Motivation beats sheer talent” when explaining how the Blue Jackets are not the more talented team, but they are more motivated than the team they are playing. And I thought to myself it would make an awesome… Read More »