Managing Complex Change Can Be Achieved

By | November 16, 2013

There are some specific ways of managing complex change as a leader. People can handle any change thrown at them. Just think of the horrific attack of September 11th and how Americans came together to help in any way they could. Think of the changes that were made in our lives because of the event; Airplane flight security, the amount of changes that were implemented to try to protect American lives. It is overwhelming when you think about it. It was tragic, yet we managed through the change.

Managing Complex Change

Managing Complex Change

We can handle any change. We can handle any challenge that is thrown our way. Yes, the September 11th attack is an extreme case but it proves the point that we as leaders can manage complex change that comes our way.

Ways Of Managing Complex Change

• Take a step back, analyze the situation before jumping to quick conclusions
• Don’t get overwhelmed with the change. You’ve handled many different changes in your life in the past, and you have got through them right? This is just one more change.
• Analyze the change, it’s probably not as bad as initially thought. There is always positives to come from change even if it doesn’t look like it initially

Managing complex change can definitely be done. We have the power to accept the change, find the positive, and continue on. Change will not break us, it will only make us better people if we learn how to handle processing changes, navigating through them to come out in a better position than we were before the change!

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