Importance Of Confidence

By | November 5, 2013

The importance of confidence makes a world of difference when it comes to leadership. Confidence is making a decision with the belief that is the right decision, and the emotional and physical actions show the same belief. When a leader leads with confidence, followers can see and feel confidence from the leader. As a confident leader continues leading in this manner, it will make followers feel more comfortable with the leader and believe that the leader knows what they are doing and are making proper decisions for the group.

Importance Of Confidence

Importance Of Confidence

Once again I did some research to see what others have published on the importance of confidence. Kan and Reichard (2009) found that higher leadership confidence, combined with an undergraduate leadership experience, produced an increase in future leadership behaviors. What Kan and Reichard (2009) are pointing out is that upcoming leaders that show confidence, have a greater chance of becoming a future leader. It makes perfect sense; when a person shows confident actions, followers take notice and believe the person is acting for the greater good.

It is also extremely important to improve self-confidence. Mayo, Kakarika, Pastor and Brutus (2012) explains that Self-confident persons show conviction in their ability to make decisions, organize and execute action plans, carry out new tasks, and give opinions; they persist in difficult tasks when failure seems certain and recover confidence in their abilities rapidly after a failure. (p. 632).

By improving confidence, a leader will improve their effectiveness as they continue to lead. The big tip here is:

Making confident decisions and performing actions confidently, it will over time show followers that the leader can go the distance.

  • Making confident decisions will show followers that the leader can get through difficult times knowing that they are doing things right and for the greater good of the group they lead.

I cannot stress the importance of confidence especially when in a leadership capacity. People can tell if you’re not confident with your decisions, and they will in turn have a harder time to back you with your decisions and actions. Be smart and confident!


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