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#Agile2018 Speaker!!

I’m pumped up to be at Agile2018 this year. First time conference goer as well as a first time speaker at the event. Tuesday at 1pm. This year Faye Thompson and I are presenting how we went through a multi-team self-organization process. I’ll update the post once after we present!  Hope to see you there!… Read More »

Taekwondo Update

Wow it’s been a few years since my last update. Slacker! I do want to post that my two boys Brandon, Austin and myself have achieved 1st degree black belt at Dragon E’s Black Belt Academy. It took the three of us about three years of hard work in order to get to that level.… Read More »

How To Fold A Tent

  Today I finally figured out how to fold a tent. Do you think this is no big deal? Have you tried it before? If you’re a first timer putting up and tearing down a tent like I am, you will understand what I went through. Here’s the problem – Manufacturers must use air suction… Read More »

Welcome to Rob Reed Jr!

Welcome to Rob Reed Jr, my new and improved (hopefully) website. My last attempt at a site was health specific. I did well with it but I felt limited on writing about health topics when I feel I have so much more to offer 🙂 So, this site is about me, my life and what… Read More »