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Life of a Defect

Hi there. There are many times where teams discuss what is or isn’t a defect. So, I put together a video sharing my thoughts of when a defect should be or should not be created. I’d love to hear your feedback! Below is the text of the video. Thanks! Rob Hello! My name is D… Read More »

More Retrospective Fun

Here’s another retrospective drawing! Remember that the key here is to explain the drawings at the beginning of retrospectives to break the ice, have everyone talking and laughing, to get the retrospective going with good energy. For this retrospective drawing, it was related to the National Toasted Marshmallow Day. “Needs Improvement” – We have here… Read More »

Retrospective Fun with Drawings

I’ve been facilitating and being a part of agile retrospectives now for over three years as of this post. One thing I found myself doing was drawing different doodles for each retrospective. Let me tell you right now… They’re horrible drawings! The drawings quickly became one of the things for teams to laugh about and… Read More »

#Agile2018 Speaker!!

I’m pumped up to be at Agile2018 this year. First time conference goer as well as a first time speaker at the event. Tuesday at 1pm. This year Faye Thompson and I are presenting how we went through a multi-team self-organization process. I’ll update the post once after we present!  Hope to see you there!… Read More »