Monthly Archives: February 2012

Photo of the Day – My Tony Hawk

OK so it’s not really Tony Hawk but still 🙂 Today I decided to play with the kids some, and they picked playdoh. We all really enjoy playing with it.  They think I’m the best ever because I can make things (not very well but hey) that they can’t make. We made dogs, footballs and… Read More »

Photo of the Day – Waiting For Friends

This is one of my favorite pictures! I have the bad habit of telling my kids about upcoming events. Last week I had some kids over, and this is what happened… He waited for I don’t know how long watching out the window until his friends finally showed up. He also asked about 30 times… Read More »

Welcome to Rob Reed Jr!

Welcome to Rob Reed Jr, my new and improved (hopefully) website. My last attempt at a site was health specific. I did well with it but I felt limited on writing about health topics when I feel I have so much more to offer 🙂 So, this site is about me, my life and what… Read More »